About Me

Hi, I'm Robin and I am a reader, writer, baker, chef.  I spend most of my time cleaning or cooking reading and writing, though I do find time to occasionally read a book clean and cook!  

I suffer from an uncommon brain disorder called hydrocephalus that sometimes interferes with my life (ie: debilitating headaches, surgery), am medicated bipolar, and suffer from panic disorder, but things like that tend to make life interesting, not unbearable.

My husband, The Big Guy, is the mate to my soul, my best friend, my forever.  He supports me in everything I do, loves me unconditionally (even when my bipolar takes center stage), and is one of the best people I know. 

My beautiful children, all born within 3 1/2 years of each other, are pieces of me that are priceless.  I love their outlooks on life, their random conversations that confuse and humor me, and even their constant liveliness.

Meet Bigfoot,


and Little Sasquatch.

I'm originally from Washington State, but have resided in Utah for most of my adult life; I was a high school commuter, coming and going from WA to UT.  Yay for boarding school (not)!  The best part? When I graduated from high school I swore I would never return to Utah... EVER.  Look how well that turned out...

I am a crafting newbie, trying new things and having lots of fun doing it!

I do not claim to be a culinary wonder... quite the opposite, actually, but I'm a firm believer that if you can read (and do a little math), you can create something wonderful in the kitchen!  The trick is to not get discouraged when things go wrong; to laugh it off and do things different next time.

And my two main passions in my life, outside of my family, are reading and writing.

My advice?  Have fun, because every day is a blessing and an adventure.  You just need to keep on trekking!